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Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

Dr Greg McDermant   MBBS FRACS

Dr McDermant is currently on extended leave from surgical practice, which will likely lead to a full withdrawal from practice.  
Our Practice Manager, Sandy, is available if you have any questions about the surgery you’ve had in recent times.

Please note that for any past surgery, your referring doctor will already have correspondence that summarises your surgical procedure and any pathology results (if relevant).   In the vast majority of cases, further details of past surgical procedures will not usually be required.     If you want to have your surgical history transferred to a particular Plastic Surgeon, you will need to sign an Authority Form for us to release this information and you will need to nominate the Plastic Surgery Practice this information is to be sent to. 

A summary of your relevant medical information from your past surgery can be collected, if needed, directly from our office but must be collected by the patient and photo ID is required.  Our Office will only be able to do this with advanced notice and at an arranged time.    You are welcome to phone our office -  07 54 388 399  to make this request.  This will be possible up until June 2017, while our office is still open.

This Website (  ) will remain open for updates and the necessary paperwork will be available here in the near future.
Our expectation is that by mid 2018, patient records for Dr Greg McDermant’s practice will be transferred and securely held at another Plastic Surgery Practice.  This will be further advised on this Website.  You will need to advise us before June 2018 if you do not want that future transfer to occur.   We are making every effort to have this transition happen as smoothly as possible so that you or another treating surgeon can access any information required.

Our Website ( will remain open
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